Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to attend a workshop?

Just your time! All our workshops are complimentary. For almost two decades we have been working with high schools, colleges, charities, as well as the public offering a variety of workshops to help people improve their current financial position.

Who will be the instructor for my workshop?

All of our instructors are professionals and licensed in the financial service industry. Occasionally our instructors will be joined by a CPA, Attorney, or debt specialist dependent on the type of workshop where their speciality is needed.

Will there be a sales pitch?


This is our most frequently question.

Our workshops are designed to provide the attendees with information and strategies to help them make financial decisions easier. There are no requirements to meet with the speaker nor will there be any pressure to do so. Our presenters offer the opportunity to speak with them one on one if that is your desire. For those of you who have attended high-pressure dinner seminars you will notice a stark difference with our workshops! Our instructors volunteer their time as part of our community outreach program.

Can I bring a guest?


You are more than welcome to bring a friend with you. Because space is limited we ask that you notify us either online or by calling our toll-free number. This insures that we have adequate seating for everyone.

I already have an advisor. Can I still come?

Of course!

We are here to provide you with information. We encourage you to take the strategies you learn at our event and discuss them with your financial advisor!

Who is Financial Straight Talk?

Financial Straight Talk is a group of financial professionals who have combined over 100 years of experience helping Americans become debt free and financial independent. Our vision of F.S.T began nearly 18 years ago with our desire to bring Wall Street to Main Street. We realized that most Americans were being sold products not being given advice and strategies to improve their situation. We knew this needed to change! We began teaching the fundamentals of financial health weekly to small groups and eventually grew into helping high school and college students. Recently we've added a YouTube Channel to help get our message of Financial Straight Talk to more Americans!

Click below to go to our Youtube page:

Financial Straight Talk YouTube Page

We believe that no plans to fail they only fail to plan!

When is your next workshop?

Our goal is to add workshops on various subjects every 6 - 8 weeks per location. This way if you miss a workshop you will be able to attend that same workshop the next time it comes around.

What locations do you offer workshops in?

Currently we are working on the following locations for workshops: Brevard County, FL (multiple locations) Orlando, FL The Villages, FL Indian River County, FL Tampa Area, FL Winston-Salem, NC Raleigh, NC Princton, WV Columbia, SC Valdosta, GA Knoxville, TN more locations will be added soon!

What types of workshops do you have?

We break our workshops into categories to help you find a workshop that fits your needs:

For pre-retirees and post-retirees (most attendees are 55+)

- Protecting Your Retirement

- Maximizing Your Social Security

- Trump's Tax Plan and Your Retirement!

- RMDs and why you never want to forget them

- How to build a legacy for your family

For everyone 18 and up

- How Money Works 101

- How to Stop Being a Slave to Debt

- Retirement Fundamentals

- The Truth about Life Insurance

For the Millennials

- The Millennial Millionaire Mindset

- Technology and Investing

- The Side Hustle – Your Way to Financial Independence